About us

Started the company in April 2008 when South Africa went into recession. We started selling a few broadcasting tapes, stationery and media products. When tapes disappeared we had to search new avenues to keep the company going.  Since then we adapt every day. We always strive by "if you cannot find it anywhere, give us a call' and / or "if you find it anywhere else cheaper, we will either match or better the price."

We are always searching for new suppliers for the best quality at the best prices. If you would like to become a supplier, please get in contact with us.

Our team

Amanda Davies picture

Amanda Davies

Founder and owner

From selling stationery and a few of Sony broadcasting tapes, the needs of our customers have changed, we merely adapted.

Wayne Davies picture

Wayne Davies


I am a videographer as well as photographer full time. But also support my wife business as a member for years.

Michaela Davies picture

Michaela Davies

Full time student but helping out on sales part-time. 

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